This is an identity design for a village guesthouse, which contains two buildings with different names: Eszter and Vörös Guesthouse. They were named after the surnames of the old owners. They are located in a small village named Söjtör in the western part of Hungary.
The logo of the Eszter Guesthouse contains roses, the Vörös Guesthouse one pine trees, because of the typical plants in the front garden of each building. I made patterns of them, which remind the traditional wall painting with pattern rollers. The used colours come from the colours of the two buildings.
First logo versions
Final logos
Patterns and colours
Pine pattern
Business cards
Stationery and folder for Eszter Guesthouse
Stationery and folder for Vörös Guesthouse
Door signs
Tags for goods in the house: shampoo, bath oil, soap, fresh milk, yoghurt
Bathroom bottles
Door signs
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