‘I shut my eyes in order to see’
(Paul Gauguin)
When I went to primary school, nobody thought I would become a graphic artist. My tests were shown to the whole class as a deterrent, because of my bad handwriting. My music theory teacher nagged at me because of my ugly notes, and my art teachers didn't find me talented or creative. They were unaware and I didn't tell them, that I was drawing constantly in my free time. I was creating fashion and interior designs with my friends, unleashing our imaginations. I didn't care what others said, I didn't stop drawing.
In the sleepy small town where I grew up there wasn't much space for individuality or self expression. I couldn't find examples to follow, nor did I get guidance on using my talents and passion. I seemed to be different to the others around me, so it was difficult to be myself and follow my own heart's desire. The upside of this situation was, that I had the opportunity to freely define myself. Even so; the lack of information and inspiration, with the pressure of conventions made me feel locked up.
When I was 18 and moved to the capital city, Budapest, I was like a bird breaking out of its cage; not knowing where to fly just fluttering from the joy of freedom and discovery. I tried a lot of things until I began to understand what I truly wanted. I have studied social work, photography and decoration, but I still never stopped drawing. I often felt trapped and I needed courage to change. These different paths helped me to find my way and influenced who I have become today.
Later I realised that not only the circumstances and other people kept me in a cage, but I had also locked myself up. I had missed many potential opportunities. It's a long process to set the soul free, step in the flow of life and really open up to the world. I've always been interested in spirituality, reading a lot about this topic, but it only actively became a part of me in 2008 with the help of a healer. My life was upside down, I didn't see my goals clearly and I felt lost. I learnt meditation techniques, became acquainted with better and more effective methods, theories and teachers, my life was transformed. I started to open my heart to the outside world and also to my own inner world. I found magic around every corner. I was renewed.
In 2009 I already knew I wanted to be a graphic artist/illustrator, so I enrolled to Krea Contemporary Arts Institution. During school and work a great deal of opportunities arose, and these experiences showed me what I'm really capable of. This quest and journey will never end, because creating is part of my progression that brings me closer to understanding.
My inspiration comes from dreams, spiritual experiences, meditations, nature, music and literature, but even construction workers or everyday conversations can give me ideas. I'm looking for meaningful connections, focusing beyond the illusion to discover uniqueness and that pattern which connects all beings. I'm attracted to everything which is extraordinary, mystical, new, unusual, and I express this in my work.
Lilla Bölecz's artwork is dreamlike and rooted in thousands of years of culture. Despite living in the present she can make connections between the legends of the past and the problems of our time. Both enchanting and relaxing. She seems to be present in many of her female characters, but to say just this would be oversimplified. There is much more to it than what we can see in the first glimpse.’
(Noémi Kocsis Nagy art historian)
In 2012 I established my own brand. My goal is to make creations that invite you to an inner adventurenot in the form of thoughts but rather as feelings. In my shop you can find art prints, original artworks, clothes, booklets, bags and other objects decorated with my art, both original and manufactured items.
With my pictures I'm encouraging you to immerse in the experience and be inspired!
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