I'm Lilla, a dark artist and folklore lover specialised in graphic art, book illustration, dollmaking and pattern design.
My passion is to create peculiar, thought-provoking, mystical scenes and characters.
I consider art as a crucible of the spiritual and the material worlds. My work is mostly inspired by mysticism, legends, spiritual experiences, mythology and literature. I use both digital and traditional media including ink, gouache, clay and acrylics and combine these in my art.
I'm always looking for meaningful connections, focusing beyond the illusion to discover uniqueness and the unifying theme that connects all beings. My aim with the unconventional visual stories is to discover hidden realms and bring them to life in order to invite you to an inner adventure of your own.
Lilla Bölecz's artwork is dreamlike and rooted in thousands of years of culture. Despite living in the present she can make connections between the legends of the past and the problems of our time. Both enchanting and relaxing. She seems to be present in many of her female characters, but to say just this would be oversimplified. There is much more to it than what we can see in the first glimpse.”​​​​​​​
(Noémi Kocsis Nagy, art historian)
Selected clients: The Quarto Group, Watkins Publishing, Running Press, American Greetings, Showtime, HarperCollins, Hungarian State Opera, Stern, Giunti Editore, Trinambai, Móra Kiadó, Paper Beats Rock, Alchemy&Ink, The Bookish Box, Plantethics
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