Saint Lucy's day (Luca-nap) is traditionally celebrated in Hungary with a wide range of folk customs. It was considered an evil day, therefore people tried to protect themselves and their farms, lands against witches and negative forces with different superstitions. Controversially in the same time it was also the day for doing magic, predictions and prophecies about fertility, marriage, death or weather.
I had the chance to create an editorial illustration about the customs of this magical day.
Initial pencil sketch
Black&white version
Colour variations
Final illustration
One of the folk customs is the planting of the Lucy wheat (Luca búza) which predicted the quality of the crops next year. Later it became a decoration for the Advent altar.
The most famous tradition is the crafting of Lucy's chair (Luca széke). It has to consist of 13 pieces and be made for 13 days. If one stood on it at the Christmas midnight mass, he could spot who's the witch. 
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