The Sugar Plum Fairy's Adventure is a book cover I designed for the Make Art That Sells blog competition. The title was given, but the concept, story, character design, lettering was up to us.

My concept for the design: One morning people wake up to find out that all of the colours have disappeared from everywhere and they are left only with the shades of gray. After a while most people even start to believe colours have never existed, mocking others who are still waiting for them to return. It's the Sugar Plum Fairy's and her apprentice's mission to explore the truth and bring back colours.

The initial sketches

The final cover

The characters

1. The Sugar Plum Fairy. Her hair contains living roots and due to her eye-patterned cloak she can see behind her back. Her familiar spirit is the unicorn buck.

2. The fairy's apprentice is a half girl half cat creature, thus she's an outcast from most human communities. She collects bird feathers to eventually use them for flying.
Her familiar is also a hybrid: has ancestors among rabbits, sheep, lions and apparently even poodles.​​​​​​​

3. Wild fruit spirits live in swarms on fruit trees in forests. They help our heroes in their quest.
4. The island is a giant water creature with an enchanted forest on its back and grows grass instead of fur.

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